Friday, November 19, 2010

happiest birthday girl

yes. happy birthday to me. i'm 20.

thanks darling for everything.
the dinner, the gift and the love <3

for making me the happiest twenty year old birthday girl in the world. =)

with and without flash. fml. i could not capture the real color but i dont care lah! the color somewhere in between both pictures.

oh, and thanks for making me hunt the whole house for it for 2 hours till i gave up! LOL!

now you all know that you should never ever make me your team member if you were to join treasure hunts, fml! but i dont care cause:

imma proud owner of Louis Vuitton speedy 35!

*hops twirls skips and jumps around*


雨银 said...

haha...finally u got it?/
where he hide it??hehe=)

-LuVeRGaL- said...

yala. wtf =.= at the back of the guest room cupboard. i didnt look there T_____T

雨银 said...

told u it was at the guest room..haha~~
really kena bomb!!!hahah~~