Friday, November 19, 2010

20th birthday @ SAGE, KL

so i'm finally 20. happy birthday to me!

2006 was birthday bash with Ciara love and high school mates at Halo Cafe.

2007 was simple birthday celebration with asshole ex-bf and college mates. who made me EIGHT gorgeous fruit platters as substitute for a birthday cake because i was on a diet then, but i chose to sulk in the room. how can i forget?

2008, i planned birthday bash at CocoBanana. 18 is always special, so they say. most people plan their 18th birthday because it signifies their blossoming into adulthood, so did i.

2009, i had several celebrations with different groups of friends but spent my birthday in Penang.

2010, i decided to stop planning and go with the flow.

cant believe that years past by so quickly. it seems like it was just yesterday that i was wishing upon my few candles on the cake that i would quickly grow up. suddenly, i'm 20! can you believe that?!

just before i start raving about my 6-course gourmet birthday dinner at Sage,

let me just bomb you people with some camwhore pictures. excuse me, but i was so excited today that i actually woke up at 9am after having only 2hours of sleep prior, so i had WAY lot of time in my hands to groom and put on make up and try on tons of clothes and camwhore.

ended up we only went out at 3pm T___T

reached midvalley around 4pm, wanted to shop but ended up window shopping only since nothing seemed to be of my fancy. so L and i went for tea at Delicious.

nothing fancy though. i had a cup of Moroccan mint tea and wild mushroom soup(which was tad bit salty), while he had black forest dessert and iced chocolate(weird smelling though).

little did i know that he had planned an amazing birthday dinner ahead! i honestly thought that we were just going to have simple dinner. oh boy, was i surprised to see timber flooring, wine cellars, 7-piece eating utensils and wine classes on the nicely set tables, courteous well-mannered service crew and dim lightings.

Sage Restaurant
The Gardens Residences
6th Floor, The Gardens
Mid Valley City

Tel No: 03- 2268 1188

Sage is an elegant fine dining place for French, Japanese and Australian nouvelle cuisine. it is actually tucked in a corner behind Gsix and is accessible through the lift at Isetan side. i've walked past it gazillion times but it was my first time dining there and it was one hell of an experience!

i still hate myself for not wearing something grand-er, i didnt know we were going for gourmet fine dining ma! if not i would have worn something more elegant instead of a casual denim tube dress. darn. it would be nice if i knew ahead, at least i could have brushed up my etiquette and fine dining manners wtf. but then again, it would have ruined the whole surprise wouldnt it?

do note though that my review is not comprehensive and might not be all accurate because we did not order from menu but ordered chef specialties. Chef Daniel actually took the courtesy to come to our table and recommend his own specialties which were off menu.

i'm not sure of the exact food names but i did a bit of research here and there, based on what i barely grasped from the fast-talking chef, to give you guys a rough idea of the awesomeness of Sage!

oh and by the way, drinks were all recommended by the team and i didnt bother to ask since i'm not quite a wine person, so i've got completely no idea of what brand of wine/champagne we had. *sorry*

watching Chef Daniel K and his awesome team at work!

we started off with champagne to warm up our tummy(s). and complimentary bread with kickass seaweed butter and basil sauce on the sides. i skipped the bread, but L said it was pretty good.

L sipping red wine (which came later) and me with the champagne. =)


asparagus mousse with cuttlefish with roe
tasted a bit weird at first but once you grasp the taste, it really is AWESOME!

Appetizer 1

Kampachi Carpaccio with Caviar
the fish was kick ass!! it was REAL fresh, apparently flown in from Japan this morning. i LOVED it!

Appetizer 2


Smoked eel (if i'm not mistaken)
not bad. but i prefered my own appetizer (below)


Wagyu beef clear soup
this was orgasmic really. the whole bowl was FULL with lightly cooked beef slices and wild mushrooms, was perfect with the clear soup. just PERFECT.

Side Dish

Japanese tomato salad.
we shared this one. the tomatoes were real juicy but i didnt quite like the weird tasting raw imported veges. so much for salads =.=



tenderloin beef wellington with mushroom served with foie gras, blended potatoes and asparagus
i skipped the foie gras since it just fats anyway. my entree tasted a lot like my soup, so fml really, i regret ordering beef when i should have went with lamb, because i conveniently forgotten that i ordered beef soup already! and the chef probably overcooked mine though i specifically requested for it to be medium rare, but it came as medium well. it was quite good despite the mistake


beef with red wine sauce served with long bean and potatoes
his came medium rare as he requested. it was good but i think my taste buds were a bit spoiled since we drank red wine with the entrees, so it sort of overwhelmed the redwine in the beef. dont know if i make any sense though.fml.

my drinks.

champagne to go with the starters.
it was quite smooth and sparkly but tad dry to my liking.

rose wine to go with the appetizers.
this was just nice. pretty smooth and less dry.

red wine to go with the entrees.
this was kick-ass! despite me not being a fan of red wines, i thought it was really smooth, smelled and tasted great. even L who doesnt drink much said it was good. =)

me nom-ing my beef. =)

Dessert platter

sweet cubed rock melon with cold sorbet in the glass, which wasnt to my liking though.
chocolate truffle. which was AMAZING! the melted chocolate fillings were fabulous. =)
vanilla ice cream with wild berries. ice cream was creamy but it was nothing special though.
flan custard with flamed topping (if i'm not mistaken). was a bit too gingerish but very smooth nevertheless.

my handsome date. and me with the dessert platter. i LOOK drunk despite the mere 3 glasses which i did not even finish.

L was telling me that he skipped the cake part because he completely forgotten and since i'm on a diet he didnt want to spoil it bla bla bla bla bla bla bla....

next thing i knew was that the service crew came up with a lighted cake and started singing me a birthday song. awwww~

my cute custom made cake!

i quickly made a wish and blew off the candle right after they sang me my song. T___T so i went and light it again for picture purposes. fml!

to be fair, i should have two candles, but since i only have one, it's justifiable that i can light mine twice okay! =)

i know i look awesome here. thankyou awesome photographer/waiter for making me look this fab. =)

we were too full by the end of the desserts, did not even order our hot drinks to end our meal. so the cake went right back into its box. i still have not tasted it yet though.

and by the way, the custom-made cake was from Delectable Treats by Su


cheers. to making me feel like a princess tonight and for everything <3

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me posing outside Sage, and another picture of us in the wine cellar.

okay. more camwhore pictures to end post.

i hope you all are drooling by now. from the food i mean. if there is an occasion you want to celebrate and are willing to splurge, do check out Sage.

amazing food, impeccable service and wonderful ambience. imma happy girl. *grins*

anyway,i'll be going back to ipoh to celebrate with my family tomorrow. so goodnight ya'all. oh, it's 6.14am already. darn, i freaking took 4hours for this post? i'm proud of myself wtf. T___T


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enjoy your day sweetie~!

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thankyou darlin =) mwah!