Thursday, November 18, 2010

Liese Bubble Hair Color fun!

as i mentioned, i am in desperate need of a new hair colour since my tri-colour hair tone is just downright hideous. just look at how dull and dead and limp my hair looks! urgh.

i've got overgrown black hair inside and at the top of my head, darker shade of brown at the middle, and bleached ends. not a good combination. so i took matters to my own hands, literally.

i have had dyed hair ever since high school because i just dont look good in black hair. i think the only people who look good are those kawaii fair girls and i dont fit in that category. so i'ld jolly well stick to dyed hair fml.

i think by now, everyone has heard/read/know of Liese Bubble Hair Color. it is widely commercialized permanent hair color from japan which is innovative and simply ingenious to use foam concept!

yes, foam instead of the conventional and overly troublesome DIY hair dye whereby you have to cautiously paint hair dye onto carefully foiled/sectioned hair, and have stained sideburns/shoulder/clothes if you are clumsy or unlucky. so goddamn troublesome and almost impossible to have nice evenly colored hair, that's why i'd rather have salon colored hair.

but with Liese, it's a completely different world!

hair coloring becomes so easy, fun and turns out great! this is my 8-step guide to gorgeous hair.

Step 1:
go and buy liese hair can find it at most Watsons and Guardians or major supermarkets. it's retailed for around rm34.90, which is more expensive than other DIY hair color packages, but definitely worth it!

i played safe and chose Milk Tea Brown which is more of a warm medium brown shade, just in case things dont turn out well, i wouldnt have overly light/too dark hair.
(now that it turned out very well, i kind of regret not going for the new Sweet Apricot color or lighter shade of Ash Brown or Chiffon Beige

Step 2:

go home and unbox it.

inside, is a foam pump. gloves. Solution bottle. Color bottle. Hair Conditioner/Treatment pack and lots of manuals in all languages.

Step 3
comb your hair to make hair coloring easier.

Step 4
uncap the Color bottle and pour it into the Solution bottle. cover it back and GENTLY shake the mixture well.

Step 5
put on gloves and change the cap of the Solution bottle with the foam pump. press the middle of the bottle to dispense foam.

Step 6
simply rub foam onto hair. start with the roots on top of your head and work it down. massage gently to avoid tangles and lather it up. gather all your hair at the top of your head to avoid getting hair color on your clothes.

it is obvious here in the picture that my hair is fucked up with black insides and light colored ends. fml.

Step 7
leave on for 20-30 minutes and utilize your time fully by plucking your eyebrows, epilate your legs or whatever it is. just dont use that extra time to make dinner in case the foam drips into your food.

Step 8
step into shower and wash off thoroughly with shampoo. oh, and use the given hair conditioner. blow dry your hair and .......


comparison of AFTER ------------- BEFORE

check out how evenly colored my hair is! just look at the difference!

even the bleached ends which usually turn out to be a shade lighter than the top of my head are of same shade now!

and the color is just so warm and vibrant and lively! i have happy hair =)

*twirls around*

contrary to popular belief that hair coloring makes your hair dry and ugly and limp, my hair actually turned out to be soft, touchable and smooth!!

*twirls around again*

despite how easy the process is and how great the output turned out, i still think that the ammonia content in the package is very high that it stinks(badly) and stings (your eyes). so do make sure you blink alot and move about while you're at it or do it in a well ventilated room instead of stuffy/air conditioned room.

now you know my secret, go and have fun coloring your hair with Liese!
cheers to gorgeous hair =)


sue said... gonna try it too!!!
been wanting to re-dye my hair because my black roots are showing

-LuVeRGaL- said...

go try it really =) its real easy and results are damn good!

Anonymous said...

hi, i love ur hair colour :D m wondering how does it looks like without flash. thanks :)