Thursday, December 30, 2010

efficient update!

broadband is being super nice to me today so i decided to quickly update about my day before my blog becomes dead and nobody comes anymore =(

denim skirt and sneakers for wednesday =)

lunch at Zun Express@ EuYanSang LG Midvalley

nom nom. really good healthy nourishing soup for the day =) i had dried scallop with lean meat yums. why cant i make soup which taste as good instead go out and pay 12 bucks for a tiny bowl wtf.

excuse the bare face. skin needs to breathe. okay i'm just super lazy.
and btw i dont photoshop my pictures anymore because i'm working on laptop now instead of desktop, and i dont spend as much time in front of the computer like i used to in ipoh. its almost impossible to photoshop on laptop (without mouse) and for some reason photoshop cannot be installed on mac? fml. so yeah.

anyway, i've been having such a sweet tooth lately and went for pancakes at the best pancake parlour in town =D

Paddington House of Pancakes <3
while waiting patiently for pancakes =)

our pancakes =)

god so fuckin sinful. diet completely fail fml.

went grocery shopping in ColdStorage.

i seriously need to start writing shopping lists and sticking to it already. i'm so fickle minded and easily influenced by EVERYTHING. i walk through ALL the aisles and want everything, and i'll end up buying tons of things i dont need which will end up in the garbage later fml really.

time to sleep d =) goodnight all. end post with picture of me from Christmas night.
wayyyyyy before i got wasted fml =D

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